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Från: Excelen  11-03-2009
Nyckelord: Schampo, Balsam, Naturprodukter


About Excelen Natural Products

The Excelen brand of natural products has been an industry standard in Sweden for over a century. In 1901, Swedish pharmacist, Gustaf Lagerström founded his company, Excelsior, in the town of Norrköping. Lagerström was already well-respected as a specialist in his field and famous throughout Sweden for his vast knowledge and application of herbal treatments. Utilizing these skills, he created the first, and still bestselling, Excelen product - Excelen skin cream.

In the years that followed, Lagerström went on to create other natural products including skin and hair care items. All of these products have been successful and highly acclaimed for their effectiveness and ingredients. In 1939, Lagerström finally sold his well-established company. Even then, while the natural health products industry was in its developing stages, Excelen was highly respected. It maintains this reputation today.

Excelen Today

Today, Excelen products are created using the same recipes Lagerström designed over one hundred years ago. The products are as exceptional today as they were then. In fact, Excelen products are well-known throughout Sweden, and have captured considerable market share among all natural health products.

As Excelen has never been commercially marketed, this market presence is truly remarkable. Excelen has grown to its present level simply through customer satisfaction and recommendations to others. With the fantastic results and longevity of the brand, it is no surprise Excelen products have had this level of success.

Excelen Natural Products

Excelent natural products include the full range of skin and hair care items. Shampoos and conditioners for all hair types are available as well as various creams and bath products. The flagship product, Excelen skin cream, remains widely popular, with very good reason. It offers a special blend of all natural ingredients guaranteed to leave skin soft and silky all day, just as it has since 1901.

Excelen products are ideal for healing and protecting skin from allergic reactions and harsh natural exposure. Dry, chapped skin is no match for the highly specialized blend of natural ingredients in these products. Excelen natural products are also ideal for daily use.

Natural Product Creation

Like many natural products, Excelen is created rather than manufactured. All Excelen products are free of chemicals and harsh man-made formulas. Only time-tested ingredients in their true form are incorporated into the products, and Excelen never tests products on animals or allows the use of animal materials in product creation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make Excelen products readily available to Swedes and others around the world through the internet. These natural products are beyond compare and should be experienced by all seeking the ultimate in natural health. The full line of Excelen products is available through our website including Excelen hand cream, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and oils.

These fine products have been successful for a century, and that success keeps building. With such a significant amount of market share built solely on reputation, Excelen natural products will continue to be a staple in the industry, and should be readily available to all.

Nyckelord: Balsam, Cream, Hudcreme, lotion, Naturprodukter, Schampo