Paola Maria Studio Couture

Paola Maria Studio Couture från Paola Maria

Från: Paola Maria  11-06-2010
Nyckelord: Mammakläder, Amningskläder, Maternity Wear


The Paola Maria Studio Couture designs unique custom made dresses for nursing and pregnant woman.

The need of an exclusive dress for a breastfeeding mothers for weddings, official dinners or that special event is larger than we thought.  Maternity dresses are easier to find on the market thank to the empire trend…  But also many pregnant mothers have the right to feel beautiful and feminine in a couture dress from Paola Maria.

How Paola Maria solves the solution of the hidden nursing access in her design is the key for the success of her exclusive dresses.  If you do not know it is a nursing dress you will never guess/know it is one…

Your magic dress our work and passion

We work close together with you to find out what you really need. We will go through different materials, styles, colors etc untill we found what works for you.

We never expose our clients if they do not of personal reasons wants to do so. 

Nyckelord: Amningskläder, ekologiska amningskläder, ekologiska mammakläder, Mammakläder, Maternity Wear, Nursingwear